General Stock Availability

We raise our own produced stock without rooting hormones or chemical seed protection. No chemical sprays, for feeding, pesticides or fungicides are used. Our own compost is made from a mixture of topsoil, leaf mould, composted shreddings, grit and organic fertilizers in varying proportions depending on end use. The plants live with a low level of spots and pests just as they naturally would in an unsprayed garden. 

Many plants are suited to the local area of generally alkaline (chalky) soils, salt winds and often dry weather in summer. Regular watering in the first two seasons is of upmost importance to help establishment. A thorough soaking once a week is best.

Since May 2006 we are in conversion with the soil association and some stock is already accredited when grown from approved stock or seed, in fertile fibre compost and monitored as such.

Most of our plants are grown outside all year with little mollycoddling, on a natural site surrounded by trees and hedges, home to a myriad of wildlife. Generally a mixture of friends and foes living in an uneasy equilibrium (unless eating my cabbages!).

Shrubs, ornamental conifers and roses

A general selection of types and sizes from standard 2 litre pots to some larger specimens, from about £4.50 upwards.


Euonymous, lonicera, privet, yew, beech and hawthorn potted all year and some varieties bare root in winter

Herbaceous perennial plants 

Various garden perennials, ground cover plants, rockery and alpine plants. Ranging from 9cm pots approx £1.50 to 1 litre at £2.50, 2 & 3 litre around £4.50.

Fruit trees

Quality soil association approved stock available in the winter as maidens or larger bushy trees through the season at £25.00 potted. Apple, pear, plum, crab apple, quince and perry.

Fruit bushes

Black, red and whitecurrants, gooseberries, rhubarb, raspberries, blackberries (thornless), loganberry, lostaberry. From £4.00 to £6.50

Greenhouse plants and veg

Summer bedding

Autumn bedding